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My name is Loana and I am the little hands behind the artisanal creations of the MAUSI workshop.


Traveler at heart, and nature lover, I am very grateful for all that the earth offers us.


I have always liked to quibble, experiment, create. I always wanted to have my own workshop where I could give free rein to my imagination. 

My first relationship with clay dates from my childhood. I had received a pottery kit as a gift which included a small plastic wheel. Without knowing it, it was at this time that a passion was born that would grow much later.


A word, an emotion.

The MAUSI workshop is where my creations come to life.

Why this name? MAUSI - which is pronounced ˈmaoussi -  means little mouse in Luxembourgish. That's what my grandma called me when I was little. I therefore have a very strong personal link with this name, which evokes a lot of feelings in me. It was obvious to me.


Besides, I can well imagine the little mouse, full of vitality, busy in his studio testing, experimenting, and playing with materials and colors... it fit well._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

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